Big Change Up

Going into this trip people talked about how this trip moved them in different ways but I had no idea in the way or to what degree this trip would change my outlook on life. As cliché as it is,…

Four Days in Paradise!

These past two weeks we have had here in Ecuador have been amazing, but with an amazing trip you need an amazing ending. That’s exactly what we had! After all our hard work with the daycare, the school and Damien’s…

Day 13: Building A Playground

We spent the morning at the orphanage, with the intention of helping the carpenters build a playground for the kids. I was expecting to be building swings and slides. What we actually ended up doing however was transferring giant rocks from one end of the yard to the other, uphill.

Day 12: Damien's House

Ecuador has been amazing and I’m so sad there is only two more days left of this adventure.This trip transformed not only myself as a person, but the whole team.

Day 12: Play date on the beach!

Hola!! So you know that one song that goes “the sun will come out tomorrow,” well that should have been our theme song yesterday because boom, the sun is out baby! Woo!  After breakfast we spent a couple hours out…

Day 11: Surf's Up, Dude!

Hola mis Amigos! It is just the craziest thing to think that we only have about 3 more full days left here in Ecuador, sad face. Waking up to the sound of the ocean here in Olon was a perfect…

Day 10: Goodbyes & Hellos

Today is our last day at the school. We had one last chance to play before it was time to say goodbye.

Day 10: No quiero ir a casa todavía!

Hola from Olon, Ecuador! I need to address three things I will never forget about Ecuador. First, the honking. Not only does honking occur during rush hour, it occurs at all hours of every day and every night. By bedtime…

Should Energy Drinks Carry A Warning Label?

When you need a boost, energy drinks seem like a great solution. You’re exhausted before an exam, or just looking for a jolt of energy, and the answer comes in a can. But there are health concerns around energy drinks, especially when combined with alcohol or when consumed after exercise.