Work in the Canadian Criminal Justice System

Learn about career options, the application process and university transfer options at the Correctional Services information session tonight. Visit Room 208, South Campus tonight at 6:30 p.m. View a Google Map of the location.

Emergency Call Centre

Attend an information session for Emergency Communications and Response tonight. Visit 7-349, City Centre Campus. Click to view a Google Map.

Careers in Police & Investigations

Want a career with options? Peace Officer Private Investigator Sheriff Emergency Manager Fraud Investigator Tobacco Control Officer Insurance Investigator Liquor & Gaming Officer SPCA Investigator Animal Control Officer Customs/Immigration Officer Transit Peace Officer Learn about admission processes, study options and…

New Blog!

Get to know us from a different perspective! We created this blog to provide insight into the Faculty of Health and Community Studies and its programs by highlighting interesting stories, people and activities. Check back this week for information on…