#MacEwanUgrad: Olukunle Ayodele

#MacEwanUgrad: Olukunle Ayodele

Why did you choose MacEwan University when you came to Canada?

I arrived in Canada in 2010 as a landed immigrant from Nigeria with my family.  Determined to make a success of my move, I decided to attend MacEwan University.

On arriving in Edmonton, Alberta, I decided to upgrade my qualifications to enhance my participation in the labor market.  I decided to attend MacEwan University to find out more about the Correctional Services program.  I met with the program secretary, Tracey, and after my conversation with her, I was convinced this is the right course and university for me.

Now that you have graduated, what is next?

The Correctional Services program at MacEwan University is an exceptionally good program that was designed with the success of the students in mind.  The teaching staff and faculty are always willing and readily available to help the student succeed especially for new immigrants like me who are still trying to adjust to the fast pace of life in Canada.  The classrooms are small and conducive thereby encouraging participation and interaction between the faculty and students.  I must say that this contributed immensely to my success in the program as I find the faculty members approachable and very supportive.

I am now gainfully employed as a Correctional Peace Officer, which is my dream job!

What advice would you give a 1st year student?

My advice to new students in the program is that MacEwan University has a name that transcends the four walls of the university and is well respected by employers of labour.  This can be attested to by the number of graduates in the program who are already in gainful employment.  The program faculty and the library staff are very supportive and always willing to help you succeed, so do not hesitate to ask for help.

In all, my experience at MacEwan University has been a very positive one that I will always cherish.