#MacEwanUgrad: Andrew Hendricks

1. What is your favourite memory of MacEwan University?
There are quite a few of them really.  It was great just talking to the different people in the Social Work program, learning about why they decided to go into the social work program.  Getting to know the people in the program was rewarding in and of itself and is very memorable.

2. Now that you have graduated, what’s next?

I think MacEwan University prepares us quite well whether we are going straight into the field or moving on straight into our bachelor’s degree.  The practicum hours as well as the experience from the professors and other students I think really was invaluable.  I am planning on hopefully getting a job this summer and I have received conditional acceptance into the Edmonton campus for the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Social Work, so I am planning on starting that in the fall.

3. What advice would you give a 1st year student?

Do not be afraid to ask questions of your professors.  I think the professors int the Social Work faculty do a good job making you feel like they really want you to succeed.  I really feel they go the extra mile.  So I would definitely use them as essential assets in learning.
Also, one thing that we did last year was start a class Facebook page, which was incredibly valuable. I don’t know how many times I posted on the Facebook page asking a question to my fellow classmates about the homework, readings or something a professor said in class.  START A FACEBOOK PAGE ON DAY ONE.  You won’t regret it!