#MacEwanUgrad: Heather White

What is your favourite memory of MacEwan University?

I don’t think I have one favourite memory from MacEwan University. Rather, my fondest memories during my time at the university have been in the many opportunities I was given to build relationships with other students and the instructors.  The structure of the Early Learning and Child Care program allowed me to build meaningful connections with fellow students who have become life-long friends.

I know these connections will continue to support me in my career in early learning because of the attachment and passion we share in our philosophies in working with young children. Without this opportunity to engage in regular team building experiences, I truly don’t think I would feel as prepared as I do to continue in an industry that relies on partnerships and meaningful connections with others.

Now that you have graduated, what’s next?

I found my passion at MacEwan University for working with young children. The enthusiasm of my instructors for the field was contagious and inspiring.  I realized that I wanted to continue in my education in this field and I plan to enroll in one of the universities that have a transfer agreement with MacEwan University.

One of the biggest advantages I have found since graduating from MacEwan is the respect I have gained in my profession — from my place of employment and other institutions — when I discuss the philosophies and concepts that I have learned.

What advice would you give a 1st year student?

My advice for 1st year students is to keep an open mind and absorb the information provided in the  curriculum. Not only are the lessons important for working with children, but they provide an excellent philosophy for life. Also, find a network of student peers to help you stay motivated, passionate and excited about working with children and their families.