#MacEwanUgrad: Kiplin Parks

#MacEwanUgrad: Kiplin Parks

Kiplin Parks is graduating this spring from the Hearing Aid Practitioner program. Read about her time at MacEwan University.

What is your favourite memory of MacEwan University?

Our laboratory classes at the South Campus each semester. Being able to practice everything I had studied in the company of brilliant professors and like-minded students was one of the most fun and most beneficial experiences I have had. The people I met at our lab have remained friends and assets for my professional future.

Now that you have graduated, what’s next?

During my field placement, the very last step in the Hearing Aid Practitioner program, I received tons of experience working at a hearing aid clinic in my city, and was hired immediately upon completion of my field placement hours.

MacEwan University gave me knowledge that would have taken years to learn if I was trained from scratch in a clinic. In fact, I would have felt overwhelmed and unqualified without the program. The Hearing Aid Practitioner program was also a great opportunity to meet staff from many hearing aid manufacturers, and make other connections that will be useful in furthering my understanding and professional development in the future.

What advice would you give a 1st year student?

Create a note taking system that will be easy to refer to during your field placement and after graduation. That way you cay refresh your memory on the many important aspects of the hearing process, counseling, testing, and hearing aids that you may find difficult to retain at some point. I think regular refreshing will make you a better and more successful hearing aid practitioner. I also advise the 1st year students to make an effort to attend the labs throughout the schooling, because I feel they give a more detailed instruction to our practice.