Home isn't the same....

Home isn’t the same….

Hey Everyone,

I have now been home for 2 days and I have an amazing revelation to share. Everything is the same, yet everything is different. I’m not sure how to elaborate on that, but it is like nothing changed while I was in Ecuador except me. I see the world with very different coloured glasses now. When I look at my Dad, I see my hero and I tell him so. I make breakfast, and I savour every bite. When I visit my friends’ children, I hug them like there is no tomorrow.

The trip to Ecuador was for cross-cultural wellness and I came out with so much more. I really grew as a person in mind, body and soul. I have so much appreciation for everything I have and even though I didn’t take it for granted much before, I definitely am not anymore. Everything in life is a blessing and a gift, we all need to treat it as so. When we were building the house for one Ecuadorian family, I could see the life return to the mother’s eyes when she realized her life just changed. It was just a house but to her, it was the world.

We all need to remember that we might be one person in the world, but to one person, we are the world. Treat each day as a gift, and remember to say your I love you’s.