Day 10: No quiero ir a casa todavía!

Day 10: No quiero ir a casa todavía!

Hola from Olon, Ecuador!

I need to address three things I will never forget about Ecuador. First, the honking. Not only does honking occur during rush hour, it occurs at all hours of every day and every night. By bedtime of day 2 I made earplugs out of toilet paper. Best sleeps of my life. Secondly, no Ecuadorians wear sunglasses. When I look outside and the sun is in the sky, my eyes scream “PROTECT ME”. By the end of summer I look like a raccoon because of my attractive tan line. How they do this I will never know. The last thing I will never forget about Ecuador is the garbage truck. You would think that when you hear joyful music travelling through the streets, it means that an ice cream truck is near. Not in Ecuador. Instead it’s the friendly neighbourhood garbage disposal. Gets me every time!


My Perl 300 experience has exceeded any expectations I had prior to leaving Edmonton. I applied for this course because it involved two of my favorite things: travel and health. Little did I know, education through service work would teach me more about health and wellness than any gym or health article ever could. With two days left, I am beginning to realize that this experience is coming to an end. On a positive note I know that this is not the end of my volunteering and traveling experiences, but instead it is the beginning. We have had the opportunity to meet amazing people through the foundations we worked at. The dedication, joy, and unconditional compassion that the staff show is something I hope I can bring back home with me. I hope to keep the ball rolling and refrain from getting caught up in my daily routines back in Canada. We have also seen the effects of poverty on both people and animals. It is VERY real. I will never forget how many malnourished dogs I saw wondering the streets. If I had it my way I would take them all home. Of course that’s not realistic but maybe I can contribute more to the Humane Society back home!

I am excited for the students of next year’s Perl 300 class to come to Guayaquil and emerge themselves in the Ecuadorian culture. It is an experience I believe everyone should share. However my advice for next year’s group is to learn more Spanish then I did! Oops!

Caio, Sarah