Day 8: Babies, Soccer & Fiestas!

Day 8: Babies, Soccer & Fiestas!

Hola folks! I have got some fan-freaking-tastic news! I am feeling like me again! Yay. Being sick is the worst, so therefore today has automatically been a good day! Today we are at our different organizations again, and since our school sessions don’t start until the afternoon we have the option of going to one of the different organizations in the morning. So this morning I decided to go to Cariño, the daycare. At Cariño they separate the older kids from the younger ones, and after hearing some of the awesome stories about the youngins, I couldn’t help but decide to visit the younger kids first and put some faces to some names!

First things first, all the kids (younger and older – and just to remind you the daycare only goes up to age 5) have breakfast. Our job was to make sure the kids ate most of their food and drank all of their vitamin juice, and really just try and get them to eat if they’re being stubborn. I found the younger kids ate their food pretty easily, although I don’t have too much to compare it to. One of the girls, named Erica, who clearly must have been the coolest girl ever, is apparently a real shit disturber. This was noted when she tried to sneak out of her high chair before she was done her meal. Once they were done eating it was basically just free play. One of the kids, who we call “Staghair,” or Stag for short (due to his stegosaurus styled hair), is super cool. He has this great little walk, and just walks around silently like he owns the place. Hans, one of the more vocal kids, is also super cool! After some great Lego building and destroying, I decided to go downstairs and play with the older kids!


Downstairs was a lot of fun as well! When I got there they were outside playing with the balls and getting some of their faces painted. I broke out my great artistic skills and painted a gato face on one of the girls – that is a cat face. Although it’s pretty hard to screw up some whiskers and a nose, I was pretty proud that you could tell what it was! Afterwards I went back upstairs only to find the kids had moved into the coolest play room ever! One of the cutest moments for me was when I was juggling, and Hans tried to copy me! He grabbed 3 balls, came up in front of me and tried his hand at juggling, which was basically just throwing the balls into the air, but man oh man it was SO cute. I could have watched him try and juggle all day! Since the play room is pretty much covered in squishy mats, I did a summersault for the kids, and then was so excited when Hans went and did one too! Copying really is the sincerest form of flattery, needless to say visiting the daycare again left a little soft spot in my heart!


The school today was A LOT more fun for me than last day, more than anything because I was able to participate with them this time. It’s great to see some of the relationships that we’re starting to build with some of the kids. It is a little hard since most of the time we do have new classes, but when we do see a class we’ve already had before it’s a lot of fun. In a couple of classes we’ve had some of the kids that we met working with the sexual health program. Since we got to know them better already, they greeted us today individually, which then started a whole train of kids coming to greet us individually. Now to paint you a picture, the way they greet each other here in Ecuador is by a little handshake or a hug with a kiss on the cheek. As this is not how we usually greet each other I thought it was a pretty funny sight to see, just this long line of students greeting all their guest instructors, something, as Cynthia said, that would never happen again in our teaching career!


Today’s focus during classes was soccer! Now, personally, I dislike soccer. I’m not a fan of this whole running thing, But man did I run, and I had a blast doing it! Our soccer skills were nothing compared to their skills. It was just great to kind of kick back and watch them rock it out in their element. After the school today we went back to the hostel where Cynthia said she was going to make us some home cooked Italian pasta! She ran into a couple young workers at Hogar de Cristo and invited them over for dinner as well. He brought over a couple of his friends and soon our dinner was a fiesta (party) filled with people around the world. There were people from Germany, Spain, Italy, Ecuador and of course Canada! It was fun just to have some good food and sit in good company. A fairly decent Tuesday if I do say so myself!

Thanks for reading!!!

Xx Erica