One Semester in Social Work

One Semester in Social Work

Passionate, supportive instructors are invaluable for Tara, a mature student.

When I began my journey as a mature student I was excited and nervous, as I did not know what to expect. My experience began with an orientation of the social work program, including a warm welcome from the social work faculty — I felt immediate support.

As I settled into my first semester, it was clear that my instructors were well educated and supportive of my learning. By the end of my first year, my knowledge had expanded and I realized I was developing key skills to use in my social work practice.

Presently, I am close to completing my first semester of my second year. This semester has taught me an abundance of useful tools that are essential to a successful career as a social worker.

The passion expressed by my instructors is extremely evident through their adaptive teaching methods to ensure my learning is interesting, exciting, memorable and invaluable. These approaches enable me to reach my full potential as a social worker. I am eager to continue my growth next semester, graduate with my diploma, work towards my Bachelor of Social Work and use my knowledge in the work force to support people in need.

Tara is a second year social work student at Grant MacEwan University.