The Right to be Wrong

The Right to be Wrong

Patients have the right to choose: whether to seek care, or accept treatment. What is the role of the health care provider? And how can the provider navigate the complex issue of patient choice?

“The Right to be Wrong: Living At Risk, Acting Against Medical Advice, and Autonomy”  that will be located in September 27th, 2012 in room 9-513 at 11:45 am. Presented by David Campbell, Clinical Ethics Resident.

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The presentation is the part of the Robbins to Robbins Connection: a collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and MacEwan University.

The Connection is a series of learning sessions that take place within either AHS or MacEwan Universit, and are broadcasted to the video-conference enabled classrooms in the Robbins Health Learning Centre at  MacEwan University. The learning sessions are of general healthcare interest and are available to faculty, students or staff.

The Robbins to Robbins Connection builds learning and learning partnerships in both a professional and personal capacity.