My Memories of Field Placement

My Memories of Field Placement

Tasha Vardon, ELCC Class of 2012, remembers her Field Placement very fondly.

Field Placement?  Of course I remember Field Placement!  How could I forget it?!

Field Placement is where all the different emotions grew inside of me;  all the butterflies, all the overwhelming environments and all the feelings of excitement.  It wasn’t until Field Placement where I could finally put theory and practice together. As a young early childhood educator, I was so nervous to practice everything all at once.  Now that I look back, all that was needed was a deep breath as everything starts to become a natural way of thinking, speaking and interacting.  Field Placement gave me the ability to really experience being an early childhood educator who supports and cares for young children.

Having the ability to practice hands-on with REAL children and REAL families was the best thing ever. Placement allowed me to feel comfortable and be the person who I really want to be;  a leader, a friend and a teacher.

I was amazed at how much I learned in each of my placement agencies.  I learned the different ways we can involve ourselves with children, their families and their communities.  The skills I gained through Field Placement were how to care for and support children in each environment, how to stay organized and focus on self to maintain positive planning and how to interact with all children.  The strongest strategy that follows me is how to effectively communicate with each child as they all have their own needs.

Field Placement gave me the confidence to build relationships with children, parents and staff members.  The most important piece of knowledge I have gained so far is insight into the components of high quality care for children – communication strategies, family involvement techniques, developmentally appropriate practices and the importance of play for each individual child.

The best piece of advice I would give to each new early childhood educator is to be open-minded, fearless and accepting.  Each Field Placement agency has their strengths, challenges and path to success!

At MacEwan University, every Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) student completes a Field Placement. It is an opportunity to blend theory from classes with practice in early childhood settings, under the guidance of an instructor.  By graduation, students have 800 hours of practical experience in early childhood programs – a strong foundation on which to build a career.