Anna explores the three different rooms in the centre, and has fun playing with dinosaurs (who wouldn’t?).

This week and next week I am covering a new shift, which allows me to travel amongst all three rooms in the centre.

It has been an amazing week, as I was able to spend some more time with the children in the Koala Room, who I grew close with during my field placement with them.

It also allowed me to continue building my relationships with the toddlers in the Tanager Room, which I had been hoping to do.

This week, one particular child in the Tanager Room has definitely began feeling more comfortable around me. I smiled at him and he said “Why are you smiling?” I replied with “I’m smiling at you because I’m happy to see you.” He said “Okay, come play dinosaurs with me!” and instantly grabbed my hand. He then laughed and laughed as the stegosaurus he handed me came to life and began munching on sand.

Anna is a soon-to-be second-year Early Learning and Child Care student at MacEwan University. This summer, she is working in the Child Care Centre.