Day 5 – Last Day Teaching At the school

So today was the last day where we had the opportunity to teach at the school. It was definitely a bittersweet ending because although the kids are overwhelming knowing that we will never teach a class to them again. But it is nice to know all that we have given to them and all that they have given to us will hopefully stay in our minds and theirs for a very long time.

I taught half phys ed classes today and half phys ed classes which made today an overall really good day. For phys ed, Johnny (teacher) wanted to see a lot of parachute games and learn how to teach them so for one game we showed him a whole variety of different games that could be done with the parachute and Johnny was absolutely intrigued by it and so excited for all these new ideas! For the second class of phys ed, I decided to give Johnny the reins with the parachute and let him try out all the games we just covered in the previous class because really the best way you can learn is by doing! At first he was completely hesistant to do it but with encouragement he did it and I was taken away by how well he worked with the kids and how well they listened to him. Johnny seems like the kind of phys ed teacher that everyone would want to have so it was absolutely breath taking to see him interacting with the kids the way he does.

When we had to leave the school, it was very hard having to say goodbye to the children especially knowing that we may never see any of them again. The opportunity that we had to work with both the teachers and students was absolutely incredible! I know that throughout the week everyone had struggles and challenges but I think that everyone in the group dealt with them appropriately and we all survived a very busy week full of excitement and sometimes unexpected outcomes like when we got the opportunity to meet the president and when we got introduced to the parents.