Day 4 – Foundation Carino & School in the pm

So today we got the wonderful opportunity to visit a foundation called Carino that works with children between the ages of 1 to 5 who are malnourished. Carino is a place for them to go from 9 am to about 1 pm while the mothers (often single mothers who are raising a family by themselves) go to work. At this place the kids recieve well balanced meals and get nap time and play time. It is a wonderful place for the children and often results in healthier lives and a better education later on in life.

They happened to be celebrating “International Children’s day” this morning when we went and visited so it was not a typical day. The children were all with their mothers and were all matching by wearing red shirts. At first the group kinda felt like we didn’t really belong and weren’t supposed to be there but once we started to blow up some balloons for the kids; they did not want to stop playing! The huge smiles on their faces said enough and you could tell just by looking at both the children and the mothers that everyone was having a good time! There was even a clown that showed up to do a show but some of the children were not a big fan of the clown! I think even some of the students would agreethat he was a pretty creepy looking clown. Looking around at everyone in the group that went to Carino you could see them bonding with the children and forming almost instant friendships with a child and it was beautiful to see! Even the mothers and workers at the Foundation were so happy to be able to have the five of us there to help celebrate the International Children’s Day!


After we got back to the hostel and had some lunch we boarded the bus around 1pm and we were off to the school. When we first got there, a phys ed class was already in progress so my group just decided to observe the first class. In the beginning it seemed like the teacher really did not want us to take over and teach his class, but after talking with Doug, Cynthia and another teacher at the school we realized that he seemed that way simply because he had no idea we were coming! So that was great news! By the end of the day, he was so excited and grateful to have us and all the equipment we brought to the school as well. One student definitely picked up on how happy he was to have new equipment because as one phys ed class was doing a relay race he ran out of pylons to use and had to use a ball so when the student went to grab some pylons that we brought, the teachers face just lit up with excitement!

This teacher, Johnny was also different from the phys ed teachers in the morning because he wanted the kids to be learning more than just sports and to also be learning recreational games! Johnny is great because he is open to so many new games and that is one of the main reasons that we came done here to show the teachers new games. It is great to see them teaching the kids what we taught them!