How Can I Work In Law Enforcement?

Most police forces require that recruits have some post-secondary education and/or  life experience before  they will be considered. MacEwan’s Police and Investigations diplomas provide the ideal combination of both.

The programs are popular and are usually the first programs to close applications. Due to the overwhelming number of applications received there are few things that prospective students need to be aware of.

1)      Apply Early

Offers of acceptance are offered on a first qualified first admitted basis so make sure you apply early to secure a spot. Applications for the full time day program open on October 1st for the following September.

2)      English Grade

The primary academic requirement for admission unto the program is a minimum grade of 65% on English 30-1 or 75% in 30-2 . The programs have vast numbers of applicants and often close before second semester high school mark becomes available. It is recommended that students enrol in English during the first semester to avoid having to complete the skills appraisal test.

3)      Fitness Test (Police Studies Stream Only)

Make arrangements to complete the required fitness test after you apply and receive your letter of acknowledgement and student ID number. Complete the fitness test soon. The earlier you present all of the admission requirements, the earlier you can potentially be offered acceptance into the program.

Quinn, the Faculty’s Recruiter, answers frequently asked questions from prospective students.