Eldon Waddles to the Right

Earlier in life I’d always had an interest in art, however I never took it seriously as I never really saw a future in it. I began down the road of science and found myself uninterested and unmotivated. Then one day I discovered that there was this thing called design, and another thing called advertising and that there was quite a large community that made a living from both. I think it was from there that I chose the path of a designer by applying to MacEwan.

Design is for those who tend to waddle to the right because their right brain is so heavy with creativity it throws them off balance. Design is also for those who can collaborate well with others and accept creative criticism as a good thing.

Ar MacEwan my first choice of major was Digital Media and luckily I got into it first try. At the time I was very interested in web, animation, 3D modelling, and the like. I wasn’t really sure where I would end up but I figured that these technologies weren’t going anywhere and it would be a solid start. Looking back it was a good choice for me.

My time at MacEwan included some of the best days of my life. I was learning what I loved, MacEwan was a great program, and I met a lot of people (both students and instructors) that had many of the same interests I did. Some times seemed to be the worst days of my life too; meeting tight project deadlines and some very late nights in the computer lab. But honestly these days better prepared me for the fast-paced world of advertising. There may or may not have been some semi-irresponsible partying as well.

I’m currently working as creative director at Ignition Media. MacEwan placed me at the small three-person studio seven years ago for my internship. Ignition hired me on full-time just a few months later and I’ve been here ever since. We’ve now grown to nearly 20 full-time staff. I work with a group of people who are truly amazing, both in talent and in personality. Ignition is growing at a rate we really didn’t anticipate and it’s quite the adventure. We work hard but we have lots of good times too.

What designers most inspire me? Paul Rand http://www.paul-rand.com/. Raymond Loewy. Jonathan Ive. Saul Bass. Walter Landor. Honestly there’s too many to name.

I’m no Paul Rand, but I would say that good design is simple. It’s clear and to the point, which doesn’t necessarily mean spoon-feeding your audience. Good design also causes the viewer to experience some kind of emotional response. Whether that response is good or bad, if you feel nothing, you’re less likely to act upon it.

Many of today’s trends are most apparent online. Because of its fast-paced nature, they seem to come and go quickly too. Because of webfonts for example, typography has exploded. If you haven’t checked out Typekit or Lost Type, do it now. HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, mobile design, app design… the list goes on. Not to leave print design in the dust (nor do I ever want to see it disappear), but clients these days seem to have their sights more heavily set on websites, social media, and apps as opposed to letterhead and envelopes.

If I were to offer advice to a prospective student considering a career in design, I’d say “love what you do. “As exciting as this industry is, it can be tough. If you live and breath it, chances are you’ll be pretty successful at it too.

ELDON KYMSON | creative director | ignition media T 780.432.3225 ext. 222 F 780.432.3275 ignitionmedia.ca

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