Seeing RED

Meet Lori Billey, managing partner of RED The Agency

What is good design?

If we knew we’d all be the greatest designers, wouldn’t we? I guess we’re trained to know the theory behind it, but how do you apply that theory when timelines, budgets, and who knows what is working against you? In essence, if you can get through those obstacles; good design evokes emotion, communicates its intent, moves you through it effortlessly and gets hung on walls to inspire others.

Trends in design today?

Sustainable design. Hopefully it’s not a trend.

Why did you choose design as a career?

It was a passion since childhood. How did you choose your major? It was the best choice to pursue my passion.

Describe your experience at MacEwan

 A blur. I’m not sure if it was the demanding weekdays or the demanding weekends. Either way, it was worth the effort.

Future career plans?

Build an agency large enough to employee many more talented MacEwan grads.

What designers most inspire you?

 The design team at RED, plus I’d have to say Stefan Sagmeister.

I was lucky enough to spend time with him when the GDC brought him to the UofA a few years ago. The most fascinating thing about his team – it only consists of a few designers.

Advice to a prospective student considering a career in design?

Get involved in industry related organizations. This is your best opportunity to meet industry professionals and potential employers.

Lori Billey graduated from the Design program at MacEwan University in 1982. She is the past president of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, AB North Chapter. You can reach her at LinkedIn.

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