Concurrent Sessions – May 29

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10: 30 am – 11:50 am

Room 9-207
Xiaohua Lin
Impact of Social Capital and Human Capital on Gender-Entrepreneurship Nexus
Lynn Sparling
Self-Efficacy of Women Entrepreneurs in BC
Qin Han
Gender and social venture creation: Paying it forward and making it work
Room 9-208
Robbie Nissen, Nissen Patent Law
Practicing Safe Testing: How to Avoid Loss of Patent Rights While Testing Prototypes
Room 9-215
Peter Josty (moderator) Chris Diaper, Karen Hughes, Justin Riemer, Bill Mantel, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
How Canada Compares

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Room 9-207
Lisa Ricci
A tailored-fit: Evaluating the suitability of sustainability management tools for SMEs
Amanda Wright
Challenges Faced by Social Service Non-Profit Organizations in Achieving Sustainability
Room 9-208
Julie Pitcher
Reframing the Definition Social Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Model
Leanne Hedberg
Tough Love for All: How Social Entrepreneurial Opportunities Influence the Practices of Entrepreneurial Teams
Candido Borges
The Impact of Young Entrepreneurs’ Characteristics on the Creation of Student Spin-Offs: Lessons from Brazilian Cases
Room 9-215
Rollie Dykstra, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
Building, Launching and Growing Tech Ventures: Programs that Support Innovation
Room 9-216
Nathan Greidaus, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Consortium
New Research


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