What Makes a Positive Public Profile?

Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta

Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta

What makes a positive public profile? Usually non-profit organizations and organizations that dedicate their time to helping others maintain positive public profiles.

An excellent example of an organization with a good image is Ronald McDonald House. The main purpose of the organization is to provide temporary housing to sick children and their families while they are going through their illness/treatment for that illness. If a child is currently admitted to the hospital, their physician will grant them permission to be transferred to the House where they know they will get the proper care they need. It is a sanctuary for families, because it is a place that they can all be together. Many families have to travel from other regions in seek of treatment from specialists and the Stollery Children’s Hospital – one family traveled all the way from Jamaica – and the House allows them to all be able to stay in one location without having to pay the high costs of hotel accommodations. Children need to be in the company of their loved ones, and that is what Ronald McDonald House provides for them.

Currently, I am an intern for Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta, and am proud to admit so. The organization is one that fully engages itself with both the public and the media in positive ways.

CTV’s Erin Isfeld is one of the main endorsers for RMHNA, and is currently situated on the organization’s committee board. She is set to emcee the House’s second annual Storybook Ball, alongside CISN’s Chris Scheetz. This is a good example of positive media connections – RMHNA has worked hard to make these connections, and have chosen the correct media spokespeople who have somewhat of a connection to what the organization does.

Isfeld and Scheetz aren’t the only endorsers of RMHNA. There are many other media connections that the House has, mainly because people are willing to be a part of something that works toward the greater good of the public. There are many instances when CTV Edmonton and Global Edmonton are at the House filming promotional videos and conducting interviews – Just yesterday (February 26) Erin Isfeld stopped by the house for an interview and a tea party with some of the resident children.

CTV Edmonton and Global Edmonton film promotional videos for the organization so that they can send them to current and potential donors and partners. I personally think this is an excellent use of resources, because it allows these donors and partners to have an inside look at the organization and how it operates – they get a real look at what goes on and how the organization is working to make the families’ stay the best it can be.

The organization also holds many family-oriented events and fundraisers, which appeals to a specific audience. Families relate to other families, especially ones with sick children. This draws them in to participate in the events and fundraisers, and allows them to have fun with their own families.

The organization is one that is family oriented all around – whether it’s sick children and their families, or families in the community. In my opinion, the goal of RMHNA is one that everyone could possibly want to endorse and support.

– Amanda McCarthy

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5 Responses to What Makes a Positive Public Profile?

  1. Kaylee Yawney says:

    This is a great example of how important media relationships are. Every charity is Edmonton is trying to benefit the city in some way, but the relationship that Ronald McDonald House has with the media gives them even more access to the public.

  2. Thom Yee says:

    As you said, though, everyone wants to support the Ronald McDonald House, and that can make it easier to garner public support. What I find interesting with RMH is thinking about how McDonald’s benefits from the endeavour, especially as McDonald’s stands as a symbolic vanguard of poor health.

    • Alouise says:

      Very true. I can’t say I enjoy McDonald’s the restaurant, but I do support the Ronald McDonald house. A friend of mine volunteered for one of their functions a while back, and said it was a really positive experience.

    • Amanda McCarthy says:

      Yeah, I find it interesting as well, seeing as McDonald’s isn’t their biggest financial supporter. That’s something they have the most trouble with, is the public thinking just because they are called Ronald McDonald House that they get most of their financial support from McDonald’s. A lot of their funding comes from independent businesses and individuals. But due to the name, many would think that McDonald’s plays a larger role than they actually do.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I can definitely say that, as someone who is not associated with the Ronald McDonald House, I’ve heard a lot about it–thanks to their strong relationship with local media, I see. There are so many good causes out there that media support can make all the difference as to whether or not your message gets out to the widest audience possible.

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