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Employee Engagement – It’s About Context and Meaning

What matters more:  That employees are happy, or that they are engaged?  What does employee engagement look like and how do we get there in a sometimes cynical, always changing, increasingly diverse 21st Century workplace?  Will newsletters, videos, websites, inspiring … Continue reading

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Communications ROI

Meet Barbara Fagan-Smith, an independent communications consultant. Q: What are some of the most important issues facing communication professionals today? A: Social media has changed the communication landscape both externally and internally. To be an effective communication professional today, you … Continue reading

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Employee Communications During Times of Change

Mergers and acquisitions offer a unique challenge for communicators, requiring clear thinking and clear communications. Dave Flaherty ought to know. He is the director of internal communications at Molina Healthcare. He won a 2011 IABC Gold Quill Award for excellence in … Continue reading

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That’s Pinteresting!

Everyday there seems to be a new type of social media in our midst. The latest one is called “Pinterest,” which is a social photo sharing website in the style of a pin board. It has caught the attention of … Continue reading

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A Scary Tie Between The Wildrose Alliance and Arizona’s Fundamentalist Bills

Many Canadian women take their rights to female health care, birth control and abortion as a given right, rather than seeing it as a privilege that comes from living in one of the world’s most progressive countries. Personally, I’ve only … Continue reading

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Driving Impact Through Great Research

At a recent workshop in Edmonton, Ryan Williams, ABC provided the following research tips to impact your communications: Aim to see the world through the eyes of your audience The research process changes those who participate The research process involves the … Continue reading

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Decriminalizing prostitution

On March 26, 2012, Superior Court Judge Susan G. Himel ruled three provisions of the Criminal Code regarding prostitution as unconstitutional, since they hamper sex workers’ ability to protect themselves. This ruling allows sex workers to operate their trade legally … Continue reading

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